How to Create a Text Emoticon

By Emmanuelle Douglas

Emoticons have become very common in online communication. They convey emotions in emails, text messages and various online communication mediums. They usually consist of a parenthesis and other symbols that make a face to display the current emotion of the message. Many vendors have transformed the emoticons into moving graphics for a more visual effect when reading the electronic message. Creating a text emoticon is done by using the pre-set standards for an emoticon.

Step 1

Type a brief message to one of your contacts.

Step 2

Type ":)" to indicate a smiley face emoticon. Depending on your email provider, the emoticon may transform into a smiley face. If you turn your head slightly at 45 degree angle, you can see the smile represented by these symbols. Type ":(" to indicate a frowning face emoticon. Use it when you want to display a sad emotion. Type ":-V" to indicate display shouting in the message. Type ";-)" if you want to wink in the message.

Step 3

Send the message by clicking the "Send" button.