How to Create a Unique Email Address

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Since the Internet contains so many users, deciding on a unique email address can prove difficult. You want to choose a name that no one else has, while also creating an easy to remember address that you can give out. You may have to try several different names before finding an available option.

Step 1

Choose the basic name that you want to go with for your email address. It may consist of a nickname, your given name or your company name. After picking out the basic name, you can adjust it to make it unique.

Step 2

Use symbols in your email address. For example, the underscore is often used to create a unique email address.

Step 3

Add numbers to your requested name. If your original request is unavailable, try to add your favorite numbers to the end of it to see if that's open.

Step 4

Rearrange the word order. For example, if you are using your name as part of your email address, attempt to put your last name before your first name.

Step 5

Try to use a different extension. If your email provider gives you more options than the standard .com, then use one of these alternatives. Available extensions provided by email servers can include .org, .net, .tv, and .biz.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have difficulty picking a unique email address, you can get assistance from sites such as Email Me. An online generator can offer suggestions for possible email names.
  • You can apply the same rules if you're attempting to choose a unique domain name for use with a new email account.

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