How to Create a Website in SharePoint

By Jackson Lewis

SharePoint is the Microsoft produced content management system for use on local area networks (LANs) or the Internet. It allows the website owner to share documents and web pages in a collaborative manner through file and document sharing technology embedded within the management system. Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 is the primary application used to create websites in SharePoint.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007

Step 1

Open SharePoint Designer 2007 by double-clicking the program icon on your computer's desktop or by selecting from the "Program Files" sub-menu located in your computer's "Start" menu.

Step 2

Select "Tools," then "Applications Options." Click the "General" tab and clear the checkmark located next to the "Open Last Website Automatically when Share Point Designer Starts" menu label.

Step 3

Close the SharePoint Designer 2007 program by selecting the "File" and "Exit" menu buttons and restart the application.

Step 4

View and edit the blank HTML page loaded in SharePoint Designer 2007. Edits in the application are primarily completed by directly typing text on the web page editor, which automatically generates the HTML code for the portal website.

Step 5

Choose "File" and "Save As" from the file menu dialog and enter the name of the new SharePoint website followed by the "Enter" key.