How to Create Address Labels With Graphics

By Tricia Goss

Decorative address labels created with a picture that suits your personality are a fun way to liven up your outgoing mail. Besides that, return address labels save you time, because you do not have to handwrite your address on every piece of mail you send. While you can purchase address labels with your choice of graphics, you can save money by creating them at . Labels created with graphics make thoughtful gifts, too.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word
  • Color printer
  • Avery brand 5160 printer labels or similar

Step 1

Insert a clip art graphic into a blank Word document. In Word 2003, go to the "Insert" menu, point to "Picture" and click on "Clip Art." In Word 2007, go to the "Insert" tab and click on "Clip Art." Search for a clip art graphic that suits your style or personality, click on the arrow next to the graphic of your choice and then click "Insert."

Step 2

Click to select the picture and then right click. Click "Format Picture." Select the "Size" tab. Change both the width and the height to "0.75" and then click "OK."

Step 3

Insert a text box to contain your address. To insert a text box in Word 2003, click "Insert" on the toolbar and then select "Text Box." Place the text box to the right of the picture. In Word 2007, click the "Insert" tab and choose "Text Box." Click the text box to select it, right click it and then select "Format Text Box."

Step 4

Click the "Size" tab. Make the width "2.00" and the height "0.75," then click "OK." Go back to the "Format Text Box" dialog and click the "Colors and Lines" tab. Choose "No Fill" from the "Fill Color" drop-down menu and then choose "No Line" from the "Line Color" menu. Click "OK." Type your name and address into the text box.

Step 5

Click any blank area of the page and then press "Ctrl+A" to select the graphic and the text box. Create a label by going to the "Tools" menu in Word 2003 and pointing to "Letters and Mailings," then clicking "Envelopes and Labels." In Word 2007, go to the "Mailings" tab and click on "Labels." Click the "Options" button, select your label size and click "OK."

Step 6

Insert a blank page of Avery labels into your printer. Make sure "Full Page of the Same Label" is selected in Word, and then click the "New Document" button. A new Word document with a full sheet of address labels will open. Save it and print as many pages as you need.

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