How to Create an Address Group in Microsoft Outlook

By Ian Moore

Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail and business-management program that is included in the Microsoft Office suite package. As a person creates an e-mail account and builds a contact list, it is recommended to organize the address book into groups. This will help sort out the contacts of friends, family and business associates. Creating an address group will not only facilitate e-mailing but will make access to contacts more efficient.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Outlook. Load the "Address Book" by clicking the open book icon on the top menu or pressing "Control + Shift + B."

Step 2

Go to "File" > New Entry." Select "New Distribution List" and click "OK." Choose a category to list the entry. This includes contacts, accounts and business contacts.

Step 3

Enter a name of the address group in the space provided. Click the "Select Members" icon to choose contacts from the address group or "Add New" to manually insert contacts.

Step 4

Click the floppy disc icon to save and close out of the window. Click the "Address Book" to view the newly created groups.