How to Create an Application for an iPhone

By Charlene Quinones

Nowadays, everyone is looking to make money, and with the popularity of the iPhone, you surely can. According to the July 14, 2009 Hot News on Apple's website, "App store download top 1.5 billion downloads in first year," and within three days of its release sold 1 million iPhone 3GS models. You likely know a handful of people who own iPhones. If you don't, just look around--you will find someone with the famous Apple logo stuck to his ear. With these odds, why not create an App for iPhone users?

Things You'll Need

  • Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X Leopard
  • IPhone developer program
  • Programming languages: Objective C, C++ and Cocoa

The Facts

Step 1

Own an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS Leopard. It is a technical requirement since the hardware already contains the developer tools necessary to assist in creating an App.

Step 2

Register for free on the iPhone Developer Program website using your Apple ID and password to gain access to a host of information on how to get started. If you simply want to create an App for your iPhone, download the SDK for free. Iif you want to make money, you have to spend money. The Standard program for individuals will run you $99; the Enterprise program costs $299.

Step 3

Create your App by coding in Objective C, C++ and/or Cocoa. If you are not familiar with these programming languages, all hope is not lost. You can teach yourself. There are plenty of documents ranging from an overview to getting started to learning the Objective C programming language. Apple has made it extremely easy for a first-time programmer to find step-by-step instructions on how to create an iPhone application. The Getting Started with iPhone OS document within the Apple Developer website provides direction from the basics to your next steps. The document says, "The iPhone SDK includes iPhone OS, the Xcode tools, and access to the documentation, sample code, and resources you need to develop your applications. The iPhone SDK and Xcode tools can be used on any Intel-based Macintosh computer running Mac OS X v10.5 or later. Xcode provides the development environment you use to create your application code, compile it, run it, and debug it. Because Xcode is fully integrated with iPhone OS, developing iPhone applications with it is easy."

Step 4

Test the app with the iPhone simulator. when it's just right, release it.