How to Create an Excel Spreadsheet Online to Share

By Shanika Chapman

Microsoft Excel is a valuable tool that creates spreadsheets to help you manage and manipulate data using formulas, which are calculations generated by you, and functions, which are preset Excel formulas. One particularly useful feature is the ability to share your spreadsheet and collaborate with classmates, co-workers, family members or employees. Microsoft Office Live, Google Docs and Zoho Sheet are three free spreadsheet-sharing programs that allow to you upload and share a variety of documents to specified users, who can then edit the documents as needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Excel
  • User email addresses
  • Office suite program

Step 1

Collect the email addresses of those individuals with whom you will share the information. You will be able to link them and notify them of any changes via their email address.

Step 2

Create the Excel spreadsheet you intend to share if you have the information handy. Otherwise, you can create your spreadsheet in any one of the office suite programs.

Step 3

Create an account, if necessary, to access any one of the above office suite programs. If you already have a Windows Live or Google account, then you will sign into either program using that account. With Zoho Sheet, you can sign in using your Google, Yahoo or Facebook account. While Microsoft Office Live and Google Docs offer valuable preloaded templates (whereas Zoho Sheet requires you to find or create your own templates), using Microsoft Live does require that you download a plug-in. This makes it an excellent option for home or office use, but with a shared computer such as in a computer lab or library, it may not be a viable option for you, since many of these facilities don’t allow software to be installed by public users.

Step 4

Upload an existing spreadsheet or create a new spreadsheet as you would in Microsoft Excel, as the user interface on all three programs is nearly identical. Then save the spreadsheet. To share it, you will need to title and save the document.

Step 5

Share the document by entering the email addresses of those you wish to view or manipulate the document. As you select a user, you can designate their privilege, such as to "read only" or "edit." With Google Docs, you also have the ability to assign additional editors who will then have the added permissions to invite others. Once you’ve given an email address, the recipient will receive an email and her designated privilege and she can begin accessing or editing the shared documents.