How to Create an Expense Sheet in Excel

By Tricia Goss

If you are trying to save money, get a handle on your spending or pay off debt, it is important that you begin with an expense sheet. This will enable you to track how much money you spend each month and learn where you might be able to cut back. In order to use the expense sheet, you will need to keep track of every dime you spend each day. Carrying a small notepad and pen will make this easier and help you be successful in your spending and saving endeavors.

Step 1

Open a new, blank Excel worksheet. Enter "January Income" into cell "A1" and your income for the month into cell "B1."

Step 2

Enter "Expense Type" into cell "A3." Enter "Jan 1" into cell B3. Click on cell B3 to select it. Move your mouse to the lower right corner of the cell until you see the fill handle, which looks like a dark plus sign. Drag the fill handle across "Row 3" to fill in the cells with all of the days of the month. Enter "Category Total" in cell "AG3."

Step 3

Enter your various expense types in "Column A," beginning in cell "A5." Include anything you spend money on such as mortgage or rent, automotive, utilities, food, clothing, child care, entertainment and any other type of expense you can think of. Enter "Daily Total" in cell "A20."

Step 4

Click on cell "B20." Enter "=SUM(B5:B19)" into the formula bar. Click on cell "B20" again and drag the fill handle to cell "AG20" to copy this formula to the other cells in the row.

Step 5

Enter "Monthly Balance" into cell "A22." Click on cell "B22" and enter "=SUM(B1-AG20)" into the formula bar. As you enter expenses into the sheet, this cell will display the balance of your monthly income.

Step 6

Click inside cell "B2." In Excel 2003, go to the "Window" menu and click "Freeze Panes." In Excel 2007 or 2010, go to the "View" tab, click the "Freeze Panes" arrow and select "Freeze Panes." When you scroll up and down or across the page, you will still be able to see the first row and the first column.

Step 7

Save the worksheet. Right-click the tab of the worksheet and select "Move or Copy." Select "Sheet2" under "Before Sheet" and click "Create a Copy." This will copy the data to the next tab. Change the dates to the month of February. Make tabs for each month of the year.