How to Create an Invoice in Word

By Foye Robinson

An invoice itemizes goods or services for which you're billing a person, group or company. Microsoft Word includes tools that can help you create a simple or complex invoice. You can display items or services, their description, cost per item or service and their total cost in a grid or chart. The invoice may be customized for the acceptable form of payment and payment due date. You can print or email the invoice and save it for your records.

Step 1

Open a new Word document and type your company's name, address and phone number at the top of your page on separate lines.

Step 2

Go to the "Insert" tab and the "Text" group. Select "Text Box" and "Draw Text Box." Use your mouse to draw a small text box at the top of the page (starting on the same line as your company's name).

Step 3

Type "INVOICE" into the text box and highlight the text.

Step 4

Go to the "Home" tab and "Font" group. Click the "Bold" button and select a larger text size from the "Font Size" drop-down menu. Click the "Center" button from the "Paragraph" group to center the text.

Step 5

Click outside the text box and press "Enter" twice.

Step 6

Type "DATE:" and press the "Tab" key. Type in the date for the invoice and press "Enter."

Step 7

Type "TO:" and press the "Tab" key. Type in the name of the person, group or company you're invoicing and press "Enter" twice.

Step 8

Go to the "Insert" tab. Select "Table" and "Insert Table" from the "Tables" group to create a grid. The "Insert Table" dialog box appears.

Step 9

Type "4" for the number of columns and "10" for the number of rows, or adjust the number for your needs. Click "OK" to add the grid to your page.

Step 10

Type "Item" into the first row and first column; "Description" into the first row and second column; "Unit Price" into the first row and third column; and "Total" into the first row and last column."

Step 11

Highlight the first row and go to the "Design" tab and "Table Styles" group. Expand "Shading" and pick a shade from the gallery.

Step 12

Place your cursor below and outside the table. Type and center "Please Make Check Payable to:" and press "Enter."

Step 13

Type your company's name and address and press "Enter" twice.

Step 14

Type and center "Payment Due upon Receipt" or "Payment Due By (date)," replacing "date" with the date the payment is due.

Step 15

Return to the table and fill in the item's name, description, unit price and total under the correct columns.

Step 16

Click the "Save" button in the Quick Access Toolbar. The "Save As" dialog box loads. Name the invoice under the "File name" text field and click "Save."