How to Create an MP3 CD With Folders

By Jack Gerard

Burning music to blank CDs is a convenient way to play music from your computer without an MP3 player. Unfortunately, standard music CDs created on your computer are limited based on the length of the songs; most blank CDs can only hold 65 to 80 minutes worth of audio. MP3 CDs don't have this limitation, since they are burned as data CDs. A standard CD can hold hundreds of MP3s, and many modern CD players are able to read the MP3 format as easily as they can read music CDs. You can place folders on your MP3 CDs to make navigating the CD and finding the songs that you want much easier.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer CD or DVD burning drive
  • Blank CD-R disc
  • CD burning software that supports the creation of MP3 data discs with folders (such as iTunes, RealPlayer or Nero)

Step 1

Insert your blank CD into your computer's CD or DVD burner. If AutoPlay prompts you to take an action on the CD, close the AutoPlay window.

Step 2

Launch the disc burning software that you wish to use to burn the CD. Create a new project by clicking the "Data Disc" or "MP3 CD" button, or by selecting "New..." from the "File" menu and choosing either "Data Disc" or "MP3 CD" as the project type.

Step 3

Begin adding MP3 files to your disc project. Depending on the software that you are using, you will have the option to add files or folders; use the "Add Folders" option if it is available to add complete folders that you have already created to the project.

Step 4

Use the "Create Folder" button in your disc burning software to create new folders for the sorting of MP3 files (if your software features a "Create Folder" option.) You may also use features such as "Sort by Artist" or "Sort by Album" which will automatically create folders and sort MP3s into them based on the artist or album tags contained in the files.

Step 5

Select the "Burn Disc" or "Burn Project" option once you have finished adding MP3s and organizing them in the order that you prefer. Select the drive that contains your blank CD, set the burning speed for the disc, and click the "Burn" or "Create" button to begin burning your MP3 CD.

Step 6

Wait while your computer burns the CD, a process that can take several minutes depending on how many MP3 files are being added to the disc. Remove the CD once the burning has finished, labeling it for easy reference. Save the MP3 disc project if you wish, then close the burning program.

Tips & Warnings

  • Not all CD players capable of playing MP3 CDs are able to read files contained in folders on the disc. If your MP3-compatible CD player can't access your MP3 files, create a new MP3 CD without folders so that you can play all of your music.