How to Create an MS-DOS Startup Disk With a USB Flash Drive

By TS Jordan

Creating a DOS startup disk on a USB drive means that you will be able to boot any computer you encounter into MS-DOS quickly and efficiently. This is necessary when making changes to the operating system (such as reinstallations) or where you are attempting to avoid loading all of the device drivers associated with the system. Making a USB boot key can be done rather quickly, but it requires the use of external programs.

Things You'll Need

  • HP Disk storage format tool (linked below)
  • HP Drive key utility (linked below)
  • USB drive

Step 1

Download and install both the HP Disk Storage Tool and the Drive Key Utility from the sites linked below.

Step 2

Insert the USB drive into the computer and run the Disk Storage Format Tool.

Step 3

Select the USB drive and the format system (FAT32) from the menus and press "Start."

Step 4

Run the Drive Key Utility and select the drive letter of your USB drive.

Step 5

Select the option to "Replace Existing Configuration."

Step 6

Choose the option labeled "Hard Drive."

Step 7

Pick the option to "Create New File System."

Step 8

Tick off the option for "HP Firmware Flash Package" and press "Finish."