How to Create an Online Library Catalog

By Judy Filarecki

Having access to the Internet makes it very easy to create an online library catalog. You develop categories or bookshelves containing books you own or have read or would like to read. Some software lets you track who you lend books to and an expected return date. Most programs have a complete listing of books by name or ISBN code with book summaries. Some have reviews and places for you to submit reviews. Some have free access to your account from any computer, while others require a monthly subscription for the service.Decide what you need and go from there.

Things You'll Need

  • Online library catalog software or program

Step 1

List the categories to include in your catalog; for example, books you own. Break these categories into subjects, if you want. Gather 10 or 12 books to start entering into the program.

Step 2

Sign into your online catalog program, or open your software. Enter the categories you have established or use the default ones provided. Some programs call the categories "Bookshelves."

Step 3

Enter the name or ISBN code into the book search bar. The book should come up with a picture and all the vital information.

Step 4

Click on the "Add" button and choose which category to add it to. You can always delete one or move it to a different place if you find it fits better someplace else. Each program gives you a lot of leeway to make your catalog as simple or as extensive as you want.

Step 5

Explore the program to see what other things are available to you. Search books by title or author to add to a list of books you would like to get. Read the summaries and reviews to see if they are really what you want.

Step 6

Create a category of books you lend out and when they are returned. Some of the programs that you buy allow you to track books just like they do in a real library.

Step 7

Check to see if you can access your library from another computer. Catalogs you run directly from the software you purchase require some form of subscription service to be able to do this.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try out different programs to see which one meets your needs. Having access on other computers or on your hand-held devices can be a handy feature.