How to Create an Organization Chart in Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word provides a variety of graphics to create an organization chart for your business, non-profit or other organization. Learn how to use SmartArt options to create a visual representation of your chain of command.


Step 1

Open the Insert tab. Click SmartArt.

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Step 2

In the pop-up, choose a category. The available options appear in the middle of the pop-up. Click a graphic to see a sample, the name and a brief description in the preview pane. Click OK to select.



The Hierarchy menu offers a variety of graphics suitable for organization charts.

Step 3

The tab automatically changes to the SmartArt Tools Design tab after you make your selection. MS Word uses the term Layout for the organization of the elements within the graphic. Click Layout and select a structure from the drop-down menu.



After you select a layout, the structure can be edited to reflect the specific structure of your organization.

Step 4

In the SmartArt Styles section, options are given for colors and design. To change the design of the graphic, click the down arrow in the design box. From the drop-down menu, choose a design. To change the color scheme, click Change Colors. Select a color scheme from the drop-down menu.


Step 5

A text box can be edited when the cursor is in the text box or when it is highlighted in the structure list; this is denoted by the small squares in each corner of the text box. To add text, click [Text] or click anywhere within a blank box. Type the desired title, position or name. Alternatively, click [Text], type the text in the structure list and it appears in the corresponding text box.


Step 6

To remove a text box, right-click in the text box or on its position in the structure list. Click Cut to remove.

Step 7

To add boxes to the chart, click a text box or the name in the structure list and then click Add Shape. From the drop-down menu, choose the placement. In this example, clicking Add Shape Below adds a position under the direction of the Central Division Vice-President.



Existing text boxes can be rearranged by clicking Promote, Demote, Right to Left, Move Up and Move Down in the Create Graphic Section.

Step 8

Repeat the steps for all boxes until you have entered all the positions within your organization. The page orientation can be changed to create more vertical or horizontal space, depending on the structure of your organization and the graphic chosen. Click Orientation and choose Portrait to create more vertical space or Landscape to create more horizontal space.

Click File and Save when finished.