How to Create Bar Codes in Word

By Contributing Writer

You do not need a specialized printing system to create bar codes. With Microsoft Word, you can create a fully functional bar code image using multiple methods depending on your objective. The three main uses are information management, mailing address bar codes, and using bar code fonts.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Office Word 2007
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint server (for information management functions only)
  • Bar code font

Add a bar code to a SharePoint document

Step 1

To insert a bar code into your Word document as part of a SharePoint version tracking system, first find the library your document resides in from your SharePoint site by clicking "View All Site Content" from the Quick Launch interface.

Step 2

Click '"Edit in Microsoft Word."

Step 3

After your document opens, position the cursor on the line where you would like to insert the bar code, then click the "Insert" tab. Clicking the "Bar Code" icon will place a bar code in your document.

Create a mailing address bar code

Step 1

Open your document in Microsoft Office Word 2007 and place the cursor where you would like to insert your mailing bar code.

Step 2

Click the "Tools" menu, then choose "Envelopes and Labels". Add your mailing address to the entry box which appears.

Step 3

Upon clicking the "Options" button, you will find the check box entitled "Delivery Point Bar Code." Click this box and click "OK". The bar code should now appear in your document with your address data encoded within it.

Use a Bar Code Font

Step 1

Find a bar code font compatible with Microsoft Word, in TrueType format.

Step 2

After installing your bar code font by dragging its .TTF file into the Windows Font directory.

Step 3

Open Microsoft Word, create a new document and enter the text you wish to convert into bar code format using a standard font.

Step 4

Check your bar code text for accuracy.

Step 5

Select the text, then choose your bar code font from the drop-down menu in the "Style and Formatting" toolbar. Your written text should now appear in bar code format.