How to Create Disposable Emails on Yahoo!

By Irene A. Blake

Yahoo! provides Yahoo! Mail Plus account customers with an option to create up to 500 disposable email addresses. These addresses allow you to hide your identity when dealing with companies or people that you don't know well, or who may send spam to you. You can organize correspondence sent by certain companies or people by linking the disposable address to a specific folder in your account. To create disposable emails, you must access the settings on your Yahoo! Mail Options screen.

Step 1

Log in to your Yahoo! Mail Plus account. Click the "Options" link at the right corner of your mailbox. Click "Mail Options" from the Options drop-down menu to open the Mail Options screen.

Step 2

Select "Disposable Email Addresses" on the left sidebar between the "Spam" and "Filters" options.

Step 3

Click the "Add Address" button to the right of the "Save Changes" button.

Step 4

Enter a name different then your display name or Yahoo! ID, a base name, in the "Step 1 of 2: Create base name" window that opens. Click the "Next" button. Yahoo! may prompt you to enter a different name if the name you select is taken. If this happens, repeat this process until you find a name.

Step 5

Complete the disposable email address by entering a word of your choice in the field in the window that opens. For example, if you selected "purplebudgies" as your base name, the window will show the following: "purplebudgies-," the empty field, and "" In the empty field, you might put "playing" making your disposable email address:

Step 6

Select preferences to go with the disposable address. You can select a folder to store emails sent to this address or color-code the address so that you can quickly recognize messages sent to it in your Inbox or a folder. You can create a name to go with the address, attach your current filter and SpamGuard settings to the address or tag the address with a description that reminds you where or why the address is used.

Step 7

Click "Save Changes" to save the disposable address to your disposable address list.

Tips & Warnings

  • Yahoo! will reject your base name if it starts with a number or has spaces or symbols in it.
  • Yahoo! doesn't allow you to use your display name or Yahoo! ID as the base name.
  • Yahoo! requires that you delete all addresses linked to a base name if you want to alter it after accidentally typing an extra letter ("purplebudgiess"), misspelling the name ("puplebudgies") or because you want to add to, delete from or completely change the name ("purplebudgiesrock" "purplebudgie" or "savannahcats"). To delete and start over, select a disposable address from the address list, select "Edit," select "Delete," confirm that you want to delete and then create a new base name.