How to Create Email Groups

By Matthew Fortuna

Microsoft Outlook is one of the top e-mail applications in the world and offers users a number of top features to enhance e-mailing activity. Outlooks allows users to creat an e-mail group to easily send mass e-mails to a certain number of contacts in their address book. With e-mail groups, only the group needs to be clicked to deliver one message to the entire group, instead of individually selecting or typing each member of the group in the "To:" field of your e-mail.

Step 1

Launch your Outlook program on your desktop and open the program's homepage.

Step 2

Click the "Address Book" icon on the upper tool bar of your homepage in the "Tools" menu. The icon is shaped like a small opened book.

Step 3

Click "New Entry" in the "Address Book" pop-up menu. This icon is shaped like a small profile card with a picture on it.

Step 4

Click "New Distribution List" in the "New Entry" menu and click "OK."

Step 5

Type a name for your group in the "Name" field and click "Select Members" to individually pick members from your contact list or click "Add New" to type a new e-mail address into your group.

Step 6

Click "Save" at the bottom of the page after you have finished adding contacts and your e-mail group is complete. To send an e-mail to your group, find the name of the group in your contact list or address book and click it to add it to your e-mail.

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