How to Create Flyers in Microsoft Word

By Catherine Johnson

One of the easiest ways to promote any event or service is through the use of flyers. Portable and easy to pass around, flyers are a powerful marketing tool. Because it is a simple method of condensing and providing information on one convenient sheet, flyers can effectively be used to quickly share news or ideas with a community. Even without a large budget, you can easily create professional flyers in Microsoft Word and get started with your promotion strategy.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Microsoft Word
  • Internet access

Step 1

Go online to Microsoft’s official website for Office templates (see Resources below)..

Step 2

In the middle column, scroll down to the section “Browse Templates.” Click “Flyers.”

Step 3

Select the category that best matches what you will be using the flyer for.

Step 4

Browse through the wide variety of flyer templates that are available. Choose one whose design layout suits your ideas and needs.

Step 5

Click the title of your selected template. Click the “Download button” and accept the service agreement with Microsoft. Your download should begin.

Step 6

Open Microsoft Word. Create a new document with your downloaded template.

Step 7

Change and customize the text, font size and type, colors and pictures of the flyer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Take the time to fully experiment with different fonts, styles, artwork, and the color scheme of your flyer.
  • Instead of using your home inkjet printer, take your Word document to a printing center. Have them digitally print your flyer so that the colors and text come out razor sharp and the results are more professional.