How to Create Groups on an iPhone

By Lara Webster

iPhone applications help users accomplish a variety of tasks, from scanning bar codes to providing gardening tips. It doesn't take long for the number of apps on an iPhone to become overwhelming; finding a particular application becomes more difficult as the home page becomes more crowded. Luckily, as of 2010, Apple began to allow users to create groups on the home page. Multiple applications of the same type can be grouped into a folder, which creates more organization on the phone.

Step 1

Touch an application on the iPhone's home page and keep your finger in place until the icon begins to jiggle.

Step 2

Drag the application icon over to another icon that you want to group it with. Release your finger once the icons are overlapping. Your iPhone will create a folder for the new group.

Step 3

Add other icons into the new folder by touching them and dragging them on top of the folder's icon.

Step 4

Rename a group folder from the name that your iPhone automatically generates for it by tapping it once and typing a new name into the title field.

Step 5

Tap the home button to save the settings.

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