How to Create ICS Calendars

By Sarah Cartwright

You've gotten organized with your computerized calendars and now it's time to share those events or import them into a different program. iCalendar is a file format that allows users to share and back up calendars, and to import calendars to new programs using the .ics file format. The .ics file format is supported by a number of popular calendar, email and business-related software products.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection
  • Calendar software or online calendar

Export the .ics File

Step 1

Find the "Export" option on the calendar you are using. If you are using a software-based program, this option is typically found in the "File" or program specific drop-down menu. If you're using an Internet-based program, this option is typically found in "Settings."

Step 2

Select the "Export" option and specify the .ics file extension (if given an option).

Step 3

Decide where to back up the file. The "Export" option will ask where you want to save the .ics file. Depending on how you will use it, you might save the file in your "Documents" folder on the desktop.

Import the .ics File

Step 1

Decide what you would like to do with your newly exported .ics file. You can send or share your calendars, back them up or import them into other programs using the .ics file format.

Step 2

Attach the .ics file to an email in order to share the calendar with others.

Step 3

Save the file to the documents folder, online storage or an external drive to back up the calendar files.

Step 4

Import the file into a new program by locating the "Import" option on the calendar you are using. The "Import" option is typically found in the same location as the "Export" option.

Tips & Warnings

  • Depending on your calendar program, you might need to export more than one .ics file. For instance, if you have multiple calendars, the program might save all calendars or only specified calendars in the .ics file.
  • It is a good idea to back up your calendar program on a regular basis and to back up prior to any software updates or major edits to the calendar.
  • You can easily share an .ics file by emailing the file to share the entire calendar, or by using specific invite or sharing options found within the specific calendar program.
  • There is a potential for data loss anytime changes are made to computer software. Always make backup copies.
  • Back up your data on a regular basis.

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