How to Create iPad Apps

By Kara Page

As tablet computers continue to advance and draw in more users, the potential for programmers to create useful or entertaining applications grows as well. Apple's iPad already has thousands of compatible apps, but if you have an idea for an app you haven't seen yet, it's possible to create your app and sell it in the App Store. Creating iPad apps requires registering as a developer with Apple, as well as downloading a few programs to help with the coding process.

Things You'll Need

  • iPad
  • iOS SDK 4
  • iPad Programming Guide
  • Sample code

Step 1

Write a plan for your application, including a detailed description of the app and who your target audience is. The iTunes App Store is divided into several categories, including education, finance, productivity and social networking; identify which category your app would appear in, then search within that category to find existing apps that are similar to yours. Include in your plan how your app will differ from these apps.

Step 2

Register as a developer at the iOS Developer Program, which includes a fee of $99. Download the required development tools from Apple, which includes the iOS SDK 4, the iPad Programming Guide and Sample Code. (See Resources.) Apple also offers videos and documents to help new developers navigate through the iPad app development process.

Step 3

Program your app and test it frequently on your iPad. Most applications will have bugs and issues in the first version, and it is important to catch as many of these as possible before selling your app.

Step 4

Submit your application to Apple for distribution. The submission and approval process often takes a minimum of a month before your app is up in the App Store and available to customers.