How to Create Maps in Excel 2007

By Stephanie Ellen

Microsoft Excel 2007 is a spreadsheet software that can assist you in creating charts, graphs, and other visual presentations to accompany your data. Microsoft MapPoint 2010, which was designed to work with Microsoft Office applications like Excel 2007, allows you to integrate maps into that data. By creating the data in Excel and the map in MapPoint, you construct a professional looking map that is completely integrated with the spreadsheet.

Things You'll Need

  • Excel 2007
  • Microsoft MapPoint

Step 1

Create your data in an Excel spreadsheet. For example, if you want to map sales figures by zip code, you could put the sales data in one column and zip codes in another. In a third column, write the name of the city that corresponds with the zip code. For example:$50,000_32206_Jacksonville, FL$43,000_12801_Glen's Falls, NY$19,000_80537_Loveland, CO

Step 2

Select the data that you would like to include in the map. Highlight the data by holding down the left mouse key while you mouse over the area. When the data is selected, hit CTRL+C to copy the data.

Step 3

Open a blank map in MapPoint. Paste the data you copied from Excel into MapPoint by pressing CTRL+V. This will open the Data Import Wizard.

Step 4

Choose the type of map you would like to create and which columns you want to show. Click Finish.

Step 5

Click Copy Map (located on the MapPoint Edit menu). Return to Excel and press CTRL+V to paste the map into your spreadsheet.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have a large amount of data to sort and summarize, use the PivotTable tool in Excel to sort your data before you create a map in MapPoint.