How to Create Multi Page Banners in Microsoft Word 2007

By Jasmine Haryana

Designing and printing out multi page banners allows you to quickly add personality to any party, office meeting, or social event. Making banners yourself can save you the expense of hiring an outside print shop or freelance designer to create banners for you. With a few steps, you can create multi page banners in Microsoft Word 2007 and conveniently print them out in the comfort of your own office or home.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Microsoft Word 2007
  • Internet Connection
  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Create Multi Page Banners in Microsoft Word 2007

Step 1

Create a new document in Microsoft Word 2007 by clicking the Office button and selecting the “New” option. Select the item “More Categories” at the bottom of the template list and choose “Banner."

Step 2

Select a design from the list of pre-made multi page banner templates and click on it to receive further information about it in the right hand panel. Click “Download” to obtain and open the template.

Step 3

Customize your Microsoft Word 2007 multi page banner. Highlight and type over any text you want to change. Insert objects such as clip art, images or word art by clicking on the “Insert” tab on the ribbon and selecting from the items in the illustrations selection.

Step 4

Adjust your multi page banner layout. Move an object on the banner by clicking on it once, dragging the illustration to the desired location and then releasing the mouse.

Step 5

Resave the file once you have finalized your changes by selecting "Save" from the "File" menu.

Step 6

Print your multi page banner by clicking the Office button and selecting “Print” and clicking “OK.”

Step 7

Construct your printed multi page banner. Remove any undesired borders from around the banner by carefully trimming off the white space with scissors. Tape the multiple pages of the banner together and then tape it up in the desired location.

Tips & Warnings

  • Save a clean copy of the file under a different file name before you begin customizing your banner, in case you decide to start over.
  • Click on the “Print Preview” icon to verify that the banner looks right before printing.