How to Create PDF Files

By Techwalla Computers Editor

PDF files are an important part to virtually any business that's online and plans to provide customers or visitors with information through a download. There are several ways to create this type of file, and it should be done correctly to save yourself the headaches and worries of trying to redo the creation over and over again. Here's some methods to create PDF files.

Step 1

Purchase and install the top-rated PDF creator available, Adobe Acrobat. This software program is the most recognized to create PDF files, but that does not mean it is the best or only choice. You can purchase this software, install it and easily download each of the files you need and convert them to PDF virtually instantly, but the cost of this software program can be expensive.

Step 2

Look to free programs called freeware that offer to create PDF files for you. Most of these software programs work only on Windows systems but are reliable and readily available. When downloading any freeware program like this, be sure it doesn't contain any spyware, adware or malware, and be sure to get consumer ratings before doing so.

Step 3

Use Ghostscript to help you create PDF files. This software program can help you to change just about any document into a PDF file. See link in Resources to download Ghostscript.

Step 4

Visit to create a free temporary account and use their online PDF file-creation software to create your PDF files. This temporary account gives you the ability to purchase it after a specific amount of time or conversions. For a onetime fee or a yearly fee, you can use this service to instantly change your files from Word or other file types into PDF files and have them emailed to you or download them from the website.