How to Create Printable Order Forms in Word

By Brandy Alexander

Microsoft's Word application is a word processing program that allows you to create tailor-made order forms that you can use for all of your business or personal projects. Perhaps you need a document for your small business, or maybe you have a part-time hobby that requires an organized way of keeping track of requests. By using Word, you can create your own printable order forms instead of buying these documents from a third-party source.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word application
  • Images, such as a logo (optional)

Step 1

Launch your Microsoft Word application and create a new document. Click File > New.

Step 2

Designate spaces on the top of the order form to include your information, such as a company name and phone number, and your customer's information including his phone number and a ship-to address. Insert text boxes to create holders for the information and enter the data. Click Insert > Text Box. You can click and drag an area on the box to size it as you wish and double click inside the shape to begin typing the information.

Step 3

Add a table to capture relevant order details including the date and order number. Click Table > Insert > Table. Use the dialog window that automatically appears to specify how many columns and rows you want and then click and drag the table to position it on your order form. Typically, you can use a table with two rows so that you can enter a heading for each section and allow the cell underneath to remain blank for the order taker. Simply double click inside the table's cell to type in the data. Items usually included in this section are the sales date, order/invoice number and a payment method to indicate if the customer paid by cash, check or credit card.

Step 4

Make another table using the process in Step 3 to create a section for the products/services being ordered. Include header cells for the quantity, description, unit price and total amount. If you assign product numbers to your goods, add a column for this information.

Step 5

Add another text box using the process in Step 2 to create an area for any sales terms. For example, if you accept returns within a certain number of days, be sure to enter this information here.

Step 6

Format your order form as preferred. For instance, you can select the text and use the "Formatting Palette" to apply a font and color. Click and drag your mouse over elements like table cells to add a background color by using the "Fill Color" option in the "Formatting Palette." Additionally, you can insert your images, such as a company logo, or opt to use clip art if preferred. Click Insert > Picture.

Step 7

Name and save your order form. Click File > Save As. You can now print out your work. Click File > Print.