How to Create Scrolling Text in Microsoft Powerpoint

By Lysis

PowerPoint is a Microsoft presentation software application. PowerPoint allows users to create interactive slide shows. One of the animation functions that users can apply to presentation slides is scrolling text. The text can scroll vertically or horizontally, according to the preferred settings. Scrolling text is accomplished using the properties of the text boxes in PowerPoint.

Step 1

Create a text box using the PowerPoint toolbar. Drag and drop the text object to the slide and type some text into the box. You can make the text as large as you want. Text of any size, font or style will scroll in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Step 2

Select the text in the PowerPoint slide and select "Animation Schemes" from the Slideshow menu toolbar. This is the menu where any type of animation is configured.

Step 3

Click the "Credit" button in the Slide Design window. From this selection, choose "Apply to selected slides" and press the "OK" button. Click "Apply to all slides" if you want to make all the text scroll in the slide show.

Step 4

Click the "Play" button to review the slide show settings. The text should now scroll when your slides are reviewed.

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