How to Crop to Artboard in Illustrator

By Richard Klopfenstein

Adobe Illustrator is a computer program used to create custom graphics. The CS4 version of the software introduced multiple-artboard capability within one project. While other Adobe programs have a "crop" feature, which removes unwanted portions of an image, Illustrator doesn't necessarily have a similar feature. To remove part of an image in Illustrator, you need to reduce the size of the artboard itself. This, however, can be accomplished easily and at any time during your work.

Step 1

Open your project file and select the artboard tool, which has a square icon with lines at the corners, from the toolbar. Alternatively, hit "Shift" and "O."

Step 2

Click and drag on any of the eight white boxes that appear around the edges of your artboard. Adjusting a corner will change both the horizontal and vertical borders, while adjusting a side will only change that value.

Step 3

Type in a number in the top left of the program to enter a specific dimension. Insert a value in the "W" box for width and the "H" box for height.

Step 4

Select another tool to implement the artboard change.

Tips & Warnings

  • The rest of the image will still appear in the program, but the program will only export the art within the artboard boundary.