How to Customize Free Printable Invitations

By Anya Meave

Free printable invitations are available on the Internet to customize for a special event. Computer users can download invitation templates onto their computers, and personalize them by adding images and text to inform guests of the event. The invitations can then be printed on card stock paper, and sent out through the mail.

Things You'll Need

  • 65 lb. card stock paper
  • Scrapbook decorations

Step 1

Obtain a printable invitation template that is compatible with the word processing program installed in your computer. Visit the program software's site or a reputable template site, and download a template from the "Templates" section. Once a desired template is selected, click on the "Download" option under the template.

Step 2

Select the "Save" option in the download window that appears. Enter a file name in the "File Name" box, and select a destination to save the template in. Select the "Save" button located at the bottom of the window to begin downloading the invitation template. Once it has downloaded, click on the template icon to open it in the word processing program.

Step 3

Add text by typing inside of the invitation template to personalize it. Edit existing text by clicking on the text in the template to reveal the text box, then typing in the message. Change the font type, face, size and format of the text by using the type tools in the option menu of the program.

Step 4

Place clip art onto the card design by selecting "Insert" then "Picture" from the toolbar menu, then "Clip Art" from the sub-menu. Choose a theme from the list provided in the window that appears, and click on the desired image. Close the window once the image has been selected.

Step 5

Place a white or light-colored 65 lb. card stock paper into the paper feeder of the printer and print the invitations. Select "File," then "Print" from the program's menu to print the invitations. Personalize the printed invitations with scrapbook cutouts or decals purchased from a craft store, or intricate designs using rubber stamps and an ink pad.