How to Customize My Own Car on a Computer

By Missy J. Talbot

Customizing your car is a way to create the exact look you want in your ride. You can customize a car to purchase online, or you can customize a car for fun in a game. Either way, playing with the car customization options on the Internet gives you a chance to get a real feel for the way you'd like your car to be when you do decide to purchase one later on.

Step 1

Visit the AOL Teens game Custom Car Shop to customize a car (see References). Click on the game to begin it. Then choose "Customize Ride." Choose from the models of cars to begin with, and then pick your own color, size, tires, rims, and designs. Customize the engine by clicking on it and choosing what type of engine you'd like to put in your car. When you are finished, you can use the car to play the game, or you can print out the picture of the car and take it in to a car shop to have it built.

Step 2

Click on "Customize Car" (see References). Choose a model of car, and then pick the make of the car from the list. Depending on the car, you can choose the color, the designs for the exterior of the car, and a multitude of things for the interior of the car as well. When you are finished with the car customization, you can order the car from the dealership, or take the finished product to a dealership near you to see if they have anything you'd like to buy that fits the description.

Step 3

Play Street Drifter at Free Online Games (see References). Begin by clicking on the game to start it. Then choose "Customize Ride" and pick the type of car you are looking for. Choose the color you are interested in, and then pick the various accessories to go along with it. When you are finished, use the customized car to play the game.