How to Customize Your Virtual Car on the Internet

By Terrance Karter

Whether your car is just something to use to get around town, or a special something you take pride in, it can be fun to play around online customizing virtual cars. You can do so just to play a fun game, or you can do so with the idea of someday getting the exact same car you are customizing. Whether customizing virtual cars online is a game or an actual tool for your future, there are lots of places you can go to make a car entirely your own.

Step 1

Play the Custom Car Shop Game at Click on the game to start it after you have read the paragraph that explains the necessary system components and have made sure you have them. Start the game by choosing a car, and then choose the body parts for the car, as well as the exact car specifications. When you are finished, you can play the racing game or you can save a screenshot of your car to save for a later date.

Step 2

Play Street Drifting at This is a racing game, but before you race you can customize your own ride. Choose from a variety of different car model types, and then pick the colors, designs and extras your car will have. You can see a screenshot of your car and save it, or you can continue on to play the racing game.

Step 3

Go to Turbo Car Games and click "Car Games" on the left hand side. You can also choose other categories that have to do with car or truck or motor vehicles. Then, choose a car game from the list of games. Games like The Car, Create a Ride and Drag Race Demon all allow you to customize a car online.