How to Date in IMVU

By Jane Buchanan

If you like another person's avatar on IMVU, an online social networking game, you can get your avatar to date him, which will allow you to access a series of new romantic actions. On IMVU, which is both a website and a chat client, you can make an avatar and get him to meet other avatars in a virtual world. You can then get your avatar to perform certain actions to interact with other avatars or with his environment. You can date another user's avatar in IMVU by using a specific action.

Step 1

Open the IMVU chat client by clicking on "Start" in your Windows taskbar, selecting "All Programs" and clicking on the "IMVU client" shortcut. Log in using your IMVU account credentials if the program doesn't automatically log you in.

Step 2

Click on "Connect" to make your avatar enter the virtual IMVU world.

Step 3

Click on the avatar you would like to date, select "Actions" from the top menu and click on "Date."

Step 4

Wait for a reply from the person controlling the other avatar. If that person agrees, your avatar will then automatically date his avatar. A few additional actions will now be available to you, such as "Kiss," "Give a gift" or "Ditch."