How to Deactivate a Twitter Account Profile

By Lisa DiVirgilio

When you decide to deactivate your Twitter account, you must make sure that you want to permanently delete it. Unlike Facebook, you cannot temporarily deactivate a Twitter account to later restore it. By deactivating your Twitter account, you will be permanently removing your profile from the social networking site. Also, remember that while deactivation of your Twitter account is being done, your user name and email address that relate to that profile cannot be used to make a new account. If you'd like to use them in the future, be sure to change them in your "Settings" page before you deactivate your account.

Step 01

Log into your Twitter account using the user name and password you have chosen for the profile.

Step 11

Click "Settings," at the top right of the page.

Step 21

Scroll down to the bottom of the "Settings" page and click "Deactivate my account." You will be asked to confirm the action. Once you confirm your deactivation, there is no turning back.

Tips & Warnings

  • Deactivating your account will not instantly remove your profile or older Twitter statuses from search engine results. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing archive public Twitter statuses, so you may see them in search results even after your account has been deleted. If your account was in private mode, so that no one other than your followers could view your timeline, then you should not encounter this problem.