How to Deactivate a Yahoo ID

By Angela M. Wheeland

If you no longer use your Yahoo! account, deactivate it to protect your sensitive information. An account that is dormant for long periods of time runs the risk of being compromised without the user's knowledge. However, by deactivating your account, you also lose access to all Yahoo! services, including My Yahoo!, Monster, Finance Portfolio and Yahoo! Answers. In addition, you lose access to your Yahoo! Mail account, so make sure to back up your address book and important emails before deactivating your Yahoo! ID.

Step 1

Visit the Yahoo! Account Termination page at

Step 2

Enter your Yahoo! username and password, and click "Sign In."

Step 3

Reenter your Yahoo! password to confirm your identity.

Step 4

Type the security code, shown at the bottom of the screen, in the field and click "Terminate this Account."

Tips & Warnings

  • Cancel any subscriptions to Yahoo! premium services before deactivating your Yahoo! ID.