How to Deactivate Netflix on TV

By Maya Austen

For security purposes, before selling or returning a Netflix-ready television set that has been activated on your Netflix account, you should deactivate the device on your account before disposing of the TV. According to the "Privacy Policy" statement published on the Netflix website, failing to deactivate Netflix on a TV before passing on the custody of that TV set to someone else could result in subsequent users of the TV gaining access to certain parts of your account information.

Step 1

Go to the Netflix “Member Sign In” web page. Log into your account.

Step 2

Click “Your Account and Help” in the upper right corner.

Step 3

Select “Manage Netflix ready devices and computers.”

Step 4

Scroll through your list of Netflix ready devices. Click the “Deactivate” link next to the TV you want to deactivate Netflix on.

Step 5

Log out of your Netflix account.