How to Decorate a Blog

By Techwalla Contributor

How to Decorate a Blog. Blogs, or weblogs, are personalized web pages where individual users often keep online journals or discuss specific topics. A blog can show off your personal sense of style and the purpose of your writing if you decorate it accordingly. In only a few simple steps you can decorate your blog to suit your purposes.

Step 1

Install a custom template to make a noticeable impact on your readers. Custom templates change the look and layout of a blog from the standard choices offered by most blog hosts (Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad). Most custom blog templates are easily downloaded for free and installed by copying and pasting code into a template window. If you're unsure, look for a template site with installation instructions.

Step 2

Choose a striking header. Header images appear at top of a blog and often carry the blog's title and a slogan. By customizing your header, or having a graphics-savvy friend do it for you, you can visually set your blog apart from others.

Step 3

Pepper your blog with decorations that mean something to you. If you feel particularly passionate about animal conservation, check out some conservation websites for decorative banners and buttons to put on your blog. You can do the same with a number of organizations and topics simply by searching the Internet or asking bloggers whose decorations you admire.

Step 4

Look for widgets. Blog widgets, or window gadgets, are small windows of information which you can put on your blog for decoration and entertainment. Widgets come in a large variety of types including games, quotes, informational widgets and interactive interfaces. Many websites specialize in blog widgets.

Step 5

Use photos or other images in your blog posts. Blog readers are often intimidated or deterred by large blocks of plain text. Instead, insert photos, cartoons or other images into your posts to decorate your blog and provide a punch of personality.