How to Delete a Bid on eBay

By Debbie Campbell

Normally, once you place a bid on eBay, you are committed to pay for the item if no one bids higher than you. However, eBay does provide a bid retraction process for cases of error, item information revision or unreachable sellers.

Deleting a Bid on eBay

Step 1

Verify that you are eligible to request a bid retraction. Retraction is only allowed if you made a serious error when entering the bid amount (for example, typing $5250 when you meant $525), the seller makes changes to the item description that affect your decision or you are unable to reach the seller with questions or problems.

Step 2

Make sure that you are within the time frame to request bid retraction. As long as the auction has more than 12 hours remaining, you can request a retraction at any time. If the auction ends within 12 hours, you must submit your request for retraction within one hour of bidding.

Step 3

Fill out a bid retraction form if you meet the requirements. The bid retraction form asks for the item-listing number and an explanation for the retraction request.

Step 4

Ask the seller to delete your bid if you cannot request a bid retraction. Links to contact the seller are located on the upper right-hand side of an item listing. The decision whether to delete your bid is completely up to the seller.

Tips & Warnings

  • Carefully review all of the information in an item listing including the item description and any possible fees (such as shipping and tax) before determining a bid amount. Use the links on the item listing page to contact the seller if you have any questions.
  • After you first enter a bid, you are given the chance to review the information you entered before confirming it. Do not just hit the "Confirm" button. Take a moment to carefully read everything over.
  • If your bid is retracted due to error, you will need to submit a new bid for the corrected amount.
  • You cannot retract purchases made using "Buy It Now."
  • Think carefully before requesting bid retractions. Your eBay profile lists retraction activity and sellers can choose to block bidders who have multiple bid retractions.
  • Excessive use of bid retraction can lead to eBay account suspension.