How to Delete a Page of a PDF File

By Amy Dombrower

Adobe Acrobat is used to not only created Portable Document Format (PDF) documents, but also to edit and rearrange PDFs. Adobe Reader, which is the free version of Acrobat that many people use, does not have editing capabilities. Acrobat makes it simple to replace or delete PDF pages, which is useful when you are formatting multiple-page documents.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Acrobat

Step 1

Launch Adobe Acrobat on your computer.

Step 2

Click the "File" menu, then "Open." Select a PDF file you want to open from your computer folders, and click "Open."

Step 3

Click the "Document" menu. Select "Delete Pages."

Step 4

Enter the range of pages you want to delete in the "Delete Pages" dialog box. To delete one page, enter the page number next to "From," then enter the same number next to "To."

Step 5

Click "OK." Acrobat will delete the page you requested and rearrange the page numbers.

Step 6

Click the "File" menu, then "Save" to save the changes. If you don't want to permanently lose the deleted page, click "Save As" to save a new version of the document.

Tips & Warnings

  • You cannot delete all the pages in a document. You must leave at least one page. If the PDF is only one page long, the "Delete Pages" command will be grayed out.
  • After deleting a page, click the "Document" menu, then select "Reduce File Size." This will allow Acrobat to obtain the smallest file size after changing the document. Select the Acrobat compatibility you prefer and click "OK."