How to Delete a Photo on an iPad

By David Weedmark

Learn how to delete photos from an iPad. With the new Recently Deleted folder in the Photos app, permanently deleting photos is a two-stage process.

When you delete photos from the Apple iPad's Photos app in iOS 8.3, they move to a separate Recently Deleted folder. This folder functions much the same as a Recycle Bin on a computer desktop, except the deleted photos it contains are automatically removed from the iPad after 30 days. If you want to permanently delete a photo, you can delete it from the Recently Deleted folder right after you move it there.

To delete photos from an iPad, launch the Photos app. If the app doesn't open on the Album screen, tap the Album icon at the bottom of the screenor the back arrow at the top. From the Album screen, you can delete photos and albums.

Deleting Albums

Tap Edit to delete an album. You can't delete all the albums -- some of them are generated by the Photos app -- but you can delete those that were created by other apps. Deleting an album does not delete the photos it contains. Those are still visible in the All Photos album.

Tap the X that appears in the corner of an album. Tap the Delete button in the confirmation window that opens.

A confirmation window asks you to confirm that you want to delete the album.

Deleting Photos

Open the album containing the photos you want to delete. Note that all photos and videos are available in the aptly named All Photos album. Tap Select.

Tap the Select button so you can choose the photos.

Tap each photo that you want to delete. A blue check mark icon appears on the corner of each selected photo. Tap the Trash icon and then tap the Delete confirmation button.

The Delete Photos confirmation window tells you the number of photos being deleted.

Permanently Deleting Photos

Open the Recently Deleted album in the Albums screen. Tap Select and then select the photos by tapping on them. Tap Delete and then tap the Delete confirmation button. These photos are permanently deleted and can never be recovered, unless you have backup copies stored elsewhere.

Deleting photos from the Recently Deleted folder cannot be undone.

If you change your mind and want to restore photos after they've been moved to the Recently Deleted folder, select them in the Recently Deleted album and then tap Recover.


In the Recently Deleted album, the number of days until each photo is permanently deleted appears across the bottom of the photos.