How to Delete a Recent Chat in Skype

By Kefa Olang

Skype is a messenger tool that allows you to chat with other users. By default, Skype keeps a record of all your chat conversions with family and friends. While this may be beneficial for future references, it does not do much justice to your privacy. Skype includes a deletion tool that allows you to clear chat history anytime you want. Doing so is a simple process that takes seconds to complete.

Step 1

Launch Skype from its location on your computer and log into your account using your screenname and password.

Step 2

Click the "Tools" menu and select "Options" from the pop-up menu to launch the Skype "Options" window. Click the "Privacy Settings" tab.

Step 3

Click the "Clear History" button. Skype asks if you want to delete chat history and other Skype history such as voicemail. Click "OK" to confirm and delete your chat history. If you no longer want Skype to save your chat history, select "No History" under the "Keep History For" window.

Step 4

Close the the Skype options window to complete the process.