How to Delete a Skype Account on a PC

By Morgan O'Connor

Unlike some other programs, Skype does not allow you to actually delete your account. This means you will still show up if and when others search for you or try to add you as a contact. You can, however, delete your Skype account from your PC. Doing so removes the account in question from the list of options available when you sign into Skype.

Step 1

Log out of Skype and quit the program entirely.

Step 2

Click the "Start" button in the lower left corner of your screen, then type "run" (without quotes) into the "Search programs and files" field that appears. Click the Run option under Programs in the list of results. This opens a new window.

Step 3

Enter the term "%appdata%\skype" into the new window. Do not include the quotation marks. Click "OK." This opens another new window.

Step 4

Locate the folder that has the same name as the account you wish to delete in the list that appears in this new window. Right-click this folder, then click "Delete" in the list of options that appears. Click "Yes" in the window that pops up to ask if you are sure you wish to delete the folder. You have now successfully deleted the Skype account from your PC.