How to Delete a Windows Live Account

By Kefa Olang

A Windows Live Account allows access to a variety of MSN applications, such as Windows Live Messenger and Xbox Live. It is an ID which many applications share for log-on purposes. When you cancel your Windows Live account, you permanently delete your registered information and will not be able to use any of the MSN applications. Using some simple steps, it is easy to cancel your Windows Live Account.

Step 1

Log into your Windows Live account at using your sign-on name and password. Go to the "Account Summary" page.

Step 2

Click "Close Account" under "Additional Options." Keep in mind that closing your account permanently deletes registered information, credentials and Windows Live contacts

Step 3

Confirm your Windows Live ID and type your password. Click "Yes" to confirm and delete your Windows Live ID.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have a premium Windows Hotmail email account, cancel your subscription from your email account before proceeding to cancel the Windows Live ID account.