How to Delete All Your Favorites on Your Computer

By Kefa Olang

The Favorites folder is a Windows folder that stores bookmarked websites that you wish to have quicker access to when using the Internet. The favorite websites are stored in additional folders located in the Favorites folder for quicker and easier management. You can, however, delete all the bookmarked websites from your computer if you no longer want them. Using simple steps and guidelines, deleting favorite websites from your computer will prove to be a simple task.

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button on your computer and click "My Computer." Double-click the "C" drive.

Step 2

Double-click the "Documents and Settings" folder and double-click your "Username" folder. Scroll through and locate the "Favorites" folder. If you do not see the Favorites folders, click "Tools" and then click "Folder Options."

Step 3

Click "View" and then click "Show hidden files and folders." Click "OK." You should now see the Favorites folder. Double-click it. In the Favorites folder, you should see a list of the folders containing favorite websites.

Step 4

Click "Edit" on the main menu and then click "Select all" to highlight the folders. Right-click the highlighted folders in the Favorites folder and click "Delete" to send all of them to the recycle bin.

Step 5

Empty the recycle bin to complete the removal process. All favorite websites are now deleted from your computer.