How to Delete Appointments and Meetings in an Outlook Calendar

By Brendan O'Brien

Outlook contains a calendar tool that allows you to add and manage appointments, events and meetings. When the meeting or appointment did not occur and you have no reason to save it on your calendar, you should delete it. Items on your calendar are separate files that add up in terms of taking up valuable space on your system.

Step 1

Launch your Outlook.

Step 2

Click "Calendar" in the left column.

Step 3

Click "Tools" in the main menu bar. Scroll down and click "Instant Search," then "Advanced Find."

Step 4

Click the "Look for" drop-down box and select "Appointments and Meetings."

Step 5

Click on the appointment or meeting you want to remove. Click "File," scroll down and click "Delete." To delete more than one at the same time, press and hold your "Control" button on your keyboard and left-click on each one you want to delete. They will be highlighted. Click "File," scroll down and click "Delete."

Step 6

Click on the "Deleted Items" folder. Find the calendar items you just deleted. Highlight them again, click "File," scroll down and click "Delete."