How to Delete Cookies

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Cookies are text files that are automatically downloaded to your hard drive by Web sites to make Web browsing easier. If you have security concerns or feel the cookies are taking up too much space, you may want to delete them.

Cookies From Microsoft Internet Explorer

Step 1

Close Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Step 2

Search your hard drive for a folder labeled "Cookies."

Step 3

Open the folder.

Step 4

Note the list of text files with names of the form "user@sitename." These are cookies.

Step 5

Select the cookies you want to delete (you may want to keep the ones from sites you visit often).

Step 6

Press the Delete key to delete the selected cookies.

Cookies From Netscape Communicator

Step 1

Close Netscape Communicator.

Step 2

Search your hard drive for a file labeled "cookies.txt." This file contains all the cookies that Netscape has downloaded.

Step 3

Select the cookies file.

Step 4

Press the Delete key to delete the Netscape cookies.

Tips & Warnings

  • Unless you adjust your Netscape settings to reject cookies, Netscape will establish a new cookies.txt file as soon as you start browsing again.
  • Some sites require cookies to function properly. If you delete cookies, you may have to re-register with some sites.
  • You may notice difficulty in browsing some sites after you delete cookies.