How to Delete Cookies in the Safari Internet Browser

By Andrew Meer

The Safari Web browser stores your browsing history, passwords and usernames in files called cookies. Cookies allow Safari to automatically log you into websites that you have previously visited. A Cookie can pose a security threat to your computer. You can remove cookies at anytime in the Safari Preferences menu.

Step 1

Click the "Start" button, then click "All Programs" then "Safari."

Step 2

Click "Edit," then "Preferences" to open the Safari Preferences.

Step 3

Click the tab labeled "Security."

Step 4

Click the button labeled "Shows Cookies" to open a list of stored cookies.

Step 5

Click "Remove All" to remove all stored cookies.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also select and remove individual cookies in Safari. Hold the Ctrl key and select each cookie that you want to remove. Click the "Remove" button to delete the selected cookies.

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