How to Delete Favorites From a YouTube Account

By Techwalla Internet Editor

YouTube is a handy service for watching videos of all sorts online. Users can build YouTube accounts that include their favorite videos, create playlists and upload their own videos. A few steps can help you delete favorites from your YouTube account.

Step 1

Sign into your account. Enter your username and password on the main YouTube homepage in order to log into your personal account. If you can't remember your user name and password, click the "Forgot Username" link or the "Forgot Password" link to retrieve the information.

Step 2

Access your favorites. There are several routes that will lead you to your favorite videos. Signing into YouTube immediately takes you to the "My Account" page. From there, you can click on "Favorite Videos" under the general "Videos" heading. You can also access your favorites from various places on the page labeled "Favorites." The "My Account" page also includes options for checking e-mail messages, managing subscriptions and changing account settings.

Step 3

View your favorites. Favorite videos are listed on the "Favorites" page in individual boxes with a preview image and pertinent information about the individual videos such as the date the video was added to favorites, ratings and a description of the video.

Step 4

Delete favorites. Each video listed on the "Favorites" page is accompanied by a "remove video" button. Simply click the "remove video" button to delete individual videos. If you decide not to delete your videos, you can also sort them into playlists from this page.