How to Delete Page 2 in Word 2007

By Jim Campbell

The Microsoft Office Suite of applications includes a word processing application called Word 2007. Microsoft Word is a longtime word processor used to create contracts, letters and other types of electronic correspondence. Some documents are hundreds of pages, and there is no intrinsic method to delete individual pages. However, Word 2007 provides a way to highlight the entire contents of a page and delete them from the document.

Step 1

Open Word 2007, and load the document. Scroll down to the top part of page two of the document. Place your cursor in front of the first word on page two.

Step 2

Click on the "Home" ribbon tab at the top section of the program. Click on the "Find" button in the section labeled "Find."

Step 3

Select "Go To" from the list of options. In the text box prompting you for a location, enter "\page" (without the quotation marks), and click on the "Go To" button. This highlights the entire second page of the document. Click on the "Close" button.

Step 4

Press on the "Del" key on your keyboard. This deletes the highlighted text in your document, which is all of page two. The page is deleted from the document.