How to Delete Page Two of a Word Document With Nothing on It

By Tammy Clevenger

Microsoft Word is the word processing program included with the Microsoft Office suite of productivity products. MS Word has many features that make creating and managing documents an easy process. MS Word automatically applies the appropriate line spacing, and automatically inserts page breaks. However, when paragraphs on the first page of a Word document are edited and page breaks remain, page two of the document will be blank, with the text beginning again on the third page. This idosyncrocy of MS Word has a quick and effective remedy.

Step 1

Open the MS Word document with the blank page two in Microsoft Word.

Step 2

Place the cursor just after the very last character on the page in Page One.

Step 3

Press the Delete (DEL) key until the text from Page Three is now at the top of Page Two. This action will delete any page breaks, formatting and paragraph dividers.

Step 4

Click the Microsoft Office button and click "Save" to save the document.