How to Delete Pictures That Other People Have Posted on Facebook

By Benny Taylor

Sometimes your Facebook friends may post photos of you that would prefer other Facebook users not see. Although you cannot completely remove photographs that someone else has placed on Facebook, you do have the option of "un-tagging" yourself in the photo. If you remove the tag, the photo will not appear when your Facebook friends are browsing through photos of you.

Step 1

Click on the photo you wish to de-tag in Facebook.

Step 2

Look in the area immediately below the photograph. This shows links to each of the people tagged in the photo.

Step 3

Click the "Remove Tag" link next to your name.

Tips & Warnings

  • Even if you remove the tag, Facebook does not delete the photo completely, and people browsing through photos belonging to the person who posted the image may still see it. If you have a serious objection to the photograph, you should contact the person who posted it and politely request that she remove it.
  • In situations where you have been unable to have an objectionable photo removed, you can use the "Report Photo" link to report the picture to Facebook and provide a reason for your complaint.