How to Delete Public Information on the Internet

By Lita McLeary

Many websites have databases of personal information that can be accessed by the public. Most of the information they have is obtained from court records, country or state records, and subscriptions. This means that even if you did not subscribe to anything online, there is probably a great deal of information about you that is accessible to the public. Fortunately, you can opt to delete public information from some of these websites.

Step 1

Search for online databases of personal information. Online databases include,,, and

Step 2

Send a request for the removal of your records via postal mail to the website address. Websites' addresses can usually be found under the "Contact Us" page. For security, the site may require your Social Security Number, name, birth date and addresses in the last 15 years.

Step 3

Fax a request for removal to the website, including a photocopy of your driver's license or state-issued ID. For security, you can cross out your license number and photo, as online databases would only require your name, birth date and address. To confirm your identity, you can also send a notarized copy of your identification card.

Step 4

Download an online form from the website for the removal of your personal information, and fill it out completely. Personal information that they need may include your full name, state, city and reason for removal.

Step 5

Email or call the website office to inquire about the removal of your personal information. The requirements for the removal of public records may vary depending on the website. It is best to contact them first to know which ones they need.

Tips & Warnings

  • Most databases require that you pay a fee before you can view anyone's personal information. By paying this fee, you can check which information about you is available to the public.
  • Many online databases require that users pay a fee before removing a public record.
  • Some websites do not allow the removal of information from their database and may require a court order before they agree to remove your information.