How to Delete Tagged Photo Albums

By Ian Moore

When someone takes a picture of you or a group of people and posts it on a social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace, you have the option to select or tag who you are in the picture and adding your name to the list of people included. However, as time passes, you may not want to be included in the picture anymore for whatever reason. The easiest way to delete yourself from the tagged photo albums is to individually remove your tag from the pictures.

How to Delete Tagged Photo Albums

Step 1

Log into your Facebook account (see Resources) and click "Photos". Click on "Photos of (Your Name)".

Step 2

Click "Remove Tag" under the picture next to your name and the list of other people in the picture. Your name will disappear from being tagged.

Step 3

Log into your MySpace account (see Resources) and click "Pics".

Step 4

Browse for the pictures that you are tagged in. Look at the top of the photo that says "Who's in This Photo". Click the little red "X" next to your name to remove the tag.

Tips & Warnings

  • You cannot delete an entire album of tagged pictures at once. You must remove each tag separately. Once you have removed all of the tags from one album, the album will delete itself automatically.

References & Resources